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11.04.2019: Start-up BW Elevator Pitch - Regional Cup Pforzheim/Nordschwarzwald

The statewide competition for business founders organized by the Ministry for Economy, Labor and Construction of Baden Wuerttemberg provides an attractive platform for founders, start-ups as well as young entrepreneurs to present their business ideas to a regional jury and public consisting of regional institutions, potential investors, business partners and clients.

Regional Cups are held across Baden Wuerttemberg on different dates, including one on April 11, 2019 at the Creative Space of Pforzheim University. The preparatory coaching for the qualified projects/teams will take place in advance on 8th of April from 14-18 hrs.

Apply now to present your business idea in front of a jury and public or come over as a visitor to get to know creative ideas in your region!

Application deadline for the Regional Cup Pforzheim is on April 4, 2019.

Further details can be found on the homepage of Start-up BW.

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