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Our business idea ... ELIAH is our first product out of a planned range of consumer products. ELIAH is an innovative light and heat combination: slim LED spotlight and practically noiseless digital fan heater in a ceiling light. The highlight of ELIAH is that it can be upgraded within minutes and can be controlled via a normal light switch. By turning on the light switch consequently one can chose the desired brightness and comfort temperature. There are six individually adjustable scenes designed for that purpose that allow all combinations of light intensity, heat or air flow. Mobile fan heaters in many areas can be replaced by ELIAH that offer both room aesthetics and higher safety. Energy saving of up to 30% due to needs-based heating controlled via a micro-controller is possible as well as a simple integration into a smart home system.   

Why did we decide to found a company in this sector ... implementation of innovative and useful products for consumer market is the major component of our strategy. We have a lot of ideas for this area and see a big advantage due to direct feedback from potential customers that helps us to verify the success of a business idea. Our know-how can be applied very well to consumer market.  

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