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Our business idea ... We are the first Online Configurator Platform for Smart Home products in the plug and play sector. The core of our platform is the Smart Home Configurator which significantly makes the purchasing process easy & offers tailor-made product solutions. Our configurator guides you intuitively, through questions and relevant information in the Smart Home world. After answering a few questions, you will immediately receive a compatible product solution, matching your preferences, budget and above all, fitting your existing infrastructure. For this we have developed a database and a Product Compatibility Mapping System (PCMS) algorithm that facilitates this match-making process. Therefore, it no longer takes days or weeks, instead provides you with a reliable & compatible solution in just a few clicks. 

Why did we decide to found a company in this sector ... Smart home technology is all about interconnected devices that make your home energy efficient, more comfortable and keep you secure from burglars. However, the process of making your home smart is like finding a needle in hay stack. It is very complex for an average consumer to choose compatible devices as there are various manufacturers with hundreds of product varieties in the market and different functionalities along with various protocols (WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, etc.) only add to customer frustration. It can so happen that - you buy eight products but end up installing four apps on your smartphone and still cannot automate your home because the devices cannot communicate with one-another. To solve this complexity, it takes days and even weeks to find a suitable product solution. What if there was a tool to help you find compatible solutions that suit your needs & requirements in a simple & efficient way?        

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